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Welcome to SCOR FC

SCOR FC soccer club offers premier level competition in Western Worcester County. We are made up of parents, players and coaches committed to building a quality soccer club that is affordable, honest and approachable. Our primary mission is to develop our youth players and put them into proper competitive environments.  SCOR FC has followed four defining principles...

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Tournament Announcements

Upcoming Tournaments:
U15G - Needham College Showcase - Memorial Day Weekend
U13G -Oakwood Invitational
U12G - TBD
U11G - TBD

U11B - Oakwood Invitational
U10B - TBD







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SCOR FC gets Schooled

NEWS: In August SCOR FC sent 5 coaches to the recent Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma course in August. This was one of 5 course locations offered in the United States this Summer. SCOR is deeply committed to the advanced development of its players. It is our goal to have some of the most technically sound players in the state. The Coerver training system aligns with those principles and its training methodology will help us reach that club goal. This is obviously a huge benefit to all of our SCOR youth members. We are proud to annouce Bill Crowther, Scott Duncan, Shawn Hickey, Ken Lacey and Dave Noel have all been awarded the U.S. Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma. Congratulations to all of the coaches!!



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2013/14 Tryouts

Updated: 3/28/14

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2014/2015 - Age Group Definitions:


    Birth Date                      


Born on or after AUG 1, 1996 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 1997 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 1998 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 1999 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 2000 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 2001 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 2002 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 2003 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 2004 & Younger


Born on or after AUG 1, 2005 & Younger



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SCOR Helps Some Villages in Ghana

"Many of us never experience how truly fortunate we are." This statement certainly rings true after a casual conversation I recently had with the Peters family of Hubbardston. Due to work commitments the Peters family has been fortunate enough to spend time in Ghana, Africa.

"It was a humbling experience." explained Tonya Peters, mother of SCOR U10B Walker. "The local villages consist mostly of small dirt floored grass huts. These huts house entire families, from infants to great grandparents and are about the size of an average kitchen here in the US." Each village has an average population of 500-1500 people. cont.


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SCOR Rovers Spring 2014



Rovers Academy provides additional opportunities for training and development to those players who have an interest and aptitude for playing a higher level of soccer than is typically provided through the Recreational team play. This program is clearly focused on developing individual player skills to a higher level in an age-appropriate environment. This is an opportunity for U7 -U9 players to train with licensed qualified trainers and to play in a more competitive environment with other advanced players.

Participation in this program will help the players and their parents decide whether the player is developmentally ready to tryout for a SCOR team in June.  Participants will train as part of a large group, and are expected to be able to follow coaching direction in a disciplined manner and successfully perform training exercises with minimal adult intervention. Participants will benefit from:
·       Training from a professional trainer
·       Exposure to a more competitive soccer environment
·       Training matches against other local area soccer clubs
·      Curriculum based development model

Questions about SCOR Rovers Academy please contact Dave Noel at 508-341-9622 or

Register For the Spring 2014 Season Now


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2014 Spring/Summer Tournaments TBD

May 2013 - Kicks-for-Catilin:
- U14G Finalists (youngest team in the HS division)
May 2013 - JSSA Memorial Day Tournament:
- U9G 1st Place Finish
- U10G 2nd Place Finish
- U10B 2nd Place Finish
- U11G Semi Finalists
- U14G Finalists

May 2013 - Needham Memorial Day Invitational Tournament:
- U17B Semi Finalists in the U19 Elite Division

July 2013 - Niagara Falls New York:
- U9G , U10G , U12G , U14G

Labor Day 2013 - Berkshire Kickoff Classic:
U10G - 4 wins, 0 losses
U11G - U12G D2 Division Champions
U12G - U12G D1 Finalists
U12B - U12D1 Semi-Finalists (18 goals scored, 4 allowed)
U13G - U14D1 Division Champions
U14G - U14D2 Division Champions


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SCOR Rovers Academy Pre-U9's

Our Academy Goals are:

Create an affordable and enriching clinic for children interested in learning the game of soccer.
To develop each player's skill level in a safe environment.
Maintain a foundation of Success, Competetition, Observation, Respect.
Create a high expectation that all players work and strive to be their best.
To keep every player constantly touching a ball. We want to create an environment that keeps the kids moving. We discourage long lines or drills that cause a lot of prep work.


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